Have you ever thought of incorporating futuring?

As a seasoned veteran with numerous occupations ranging from recruiter, field artillery-men, chemical subject matter expert and now Human Intelligence collector, I feel that futuring is what professionals do to develop new curriculum, criteria and new ways to pave into the future. Every position I held in the Army, I feel that I have continuously contributed to the refining and enhancement of what we do. In the military, after each training event, leaders conduct after action reviews (AARs), which gather the pros and cons to what was conducted.

Leaders ask what was supposed to happen, and was the action or task conducted to standard. What was the end state of the training, and was that achieved. There will always be pros and cons to everything we do, so as leaders we must continuously challenge each other with input, intellectual feedback and instead of embracing cons as negativity, take the cons, tweak them so the next training event is better so as to reduce possible cons.

Sheryl Connelly talks about futuring in the video below.


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