EDU505 – Unit I What does mind mapping mean to you?


  1. What comes to mind when you first hear about mind mapping? Honestly…

When I initially thought about mind mapping, I can honestly say that I was a bit confused. I read more about mind mapping and I found myself quiet, and my fingers began to turn into my mouth and my mouth silenced while I conducted this exercise.

I was intrigued how one word; I’ll call it the nucleus, expounded over several different verbs, actions or phrases and started building upon each other. I stopped myself from writing, but my fingers kept writing phrases that came to mind. If you ever enjoyed an adult beverage, it soothes the mind, and eases the thoughts and delivery of what really wants to be stated. I felt the same way while conducting this assignment and wanted to share what came to mind.

Here is a video from Mind Mapper Tony Buzan. Enjoy.

Below is my assignment in regards to mind mapping.

EDU 505 Mind Mapping assignment


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