EDU510 – week 3.2 (Connections)

Unit 3.2 Connections: Blog Post #1 ┬áThis week we focus on what we have learned in weeks 1-3. This has been an intersting 3 weeks and I cannot wait for unit IV. What are the three most important implications of cognitive science? I feel that the three implications thus far are understanding the rules behind […]

EDU510 – Week II (Defend yourself)

This week we engage the topics of┬áLogic, Rules and Concepts. All of these are unique, because each of us has a different defeinition of what each means. To truly understand these concepts, I would like to highlight key words such as ‘Depth of knowledge’. Enjoy an interesting week of ‘defend your answer’. Unit 2.1 DB […]

EDU510 – Week 1

Unit 1.2 DB – Cognitive Sciences and AI I wanted to share a video in regards to cognitive science that I felt was interesting and coincides to what we are learning. The mind is very interesting.   Based on your readings on artificial intelligence, which aspect of human thinking (knowing what you know today) do […]

EDU515 – Week 1

Unit 1 DB – DDDM and Balanced Assessment I wanted to share a video on DDDM: Good afternoon professor and class, Below is my work in regards to this weeks three questions. *Note: When I initially read the question class, I presumed it was in regards to our reading this week. I then went back […]

EDU515 – Measurement & metric

Good evening and welcome back. This is my third class on my journey to my Masters in Education (M.Ed.). Enjoy the weekly testimonials as we continue to learn together for the next eight weeks. Just when you thought numbers, math and statistics was over; I know I did, that’s why I decided to pursue a […]

EDU505 – The Future of Education

This is my first class in my journey to completing my Masters in Education (M.Ed.). Each week I will providea reflection (testimonial) of what I learned. As you continue to read my weekly reflections, you too will enjoy the knowledge accumulated each week. Welcome to my graduate journey. Next stop, M.Ed. Manny.