EDU 505 – Unit VII Mind Map Review

Unit 7.1 DB: Reflection

Unit 7.2 DB: Mind Map Review

Tony Buzan, Mr. Mind mapping himself.

In Unit VII, we revisit the mind mapping assignment from Unit 1. This was pretty interesting for me. I think mind mapping could be incorporated almost anywhere.

What is learning?

Some people take this question literally and do not answer the question with what easily comes to mind. Learning is everything we do by emulating others, watching, listening, tasting, touching, smelling to say the least. Wen I think of learning, I think of Blooms taxonomy and the various learning attributes such as visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK).

I wanted to share what I have from my Unit VII assignment. Let me know what you think or feel.

When I look back at my unit 1 mind map, I could have started at any given point or had several nuclei (center points) at which would connect at sometime throughout the mind mapping assignment. I ask myself, how can I inspire others when I barely aspire myself. I feel tired of pumping worthless air into flat tires (people who don’t want to learn) that don’t care of rolling any longer. I feel that I am wasting my air that I have, contaminated with second hand cigarette smokers, and filthy exhaust left from those vehicles that didn’t pass the emissions test. How can I give quality air, when I’m using an inhaler myself?

I put in some more thought and thought about myself for a second. I thought about how I was raised and how my childhood went. As I start reconstructing my mind map assignment, different words start coming to mind such as having both parents and remembering my peers only having one of their two biological parents. I thought about being diverse since I grew up in Italy, Germany because my father was in the Army. Other variables started entering my mind, such as having support to learn, and a family that embraces each other. I started thinking about being degraded, and ridiculed as a toddler and that led me to think, why would I want to do anything? If my father does not support me, why should I support the fact of learning? Why do I want to be like anyone else, when my life is the way it is?

I thought to myself, am I hungry or is it just a feeling of emptiness in my mind? Do I have the physical strength to learn after being abused; mentally and physically? I must be a failure because praise has not been given for any type of success or accomplishments. I learned that living in a dysfunctional family provided experiences to share if and when I had my own family, my own children and wife. My experiences, mistakes, faults, failures would shape me to want to be better and not be the person I was accustomed to see day after day throughout my childhood.

Till this day, I am almost forty, and I feel a sense of failure and without drive and compassion to do anything. I force myself to continue higher education, but then deep inside I question myself, why and for what? I then answer with to provide for my family and to show my kids that they can accomplish and aspire to be what ever they want. I question myself, am I who I want to be? Am I still growing and learning who I truly am?

This year I will be retiring and with 19 years in the Army, PTSD, several health issues, I feel it was waste of time. A waste of time because all these issues came from the Army, and my childhood molded me to who I became while I was in the Army. I question myself; did I learn everything I could while being in the Army, deploying to combat three times and living in Asia?

I question myself if I could have learned and done something else within the 19 years I have been in the Army? I don’t know what to think or feel. Everyday I wake up, I feel that I made the wrong choices, have regrets, chose the wrong career path or degree; this is just who I am. I am filled with pessimism, negativity, shame, guilt, and worthless doubt amongst other descriptive words.

Mind mapping Unit 7

EDU 505 Mind Mapping assisgnment


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