EDU505 – Unit IV Technology Trends

Unit 4.1 DB: Technology Trends

Unit 4.2 DB: PLE Blog

This week, we are discussing two technology trends that I see within the 309th Military Intelligence classrooms. I feel that Smart Board technology would fall under # 5. Using Different Tools for Different Tasks as this is a common item in classrooms today. I feel that this type of technology captivates students because its similar to the technology they utilize such as their smart phones, phones, laptops and I-pads, which are considered Personal Electronic Devices (PED). If educators are utilizing the same PEDs that students are using, it’s almost as if the educators are on the same sheet as the students when it comes to utilizing the same equipment and already have a common ground and bridge the gap between educator and student (if that makes sense.

“In 2013, polls stated PEDs have influenced how students have learned and that this made it more practical in their day-to-day duties, which transform the various learning, attributes.” (Riedel, C. (2014, February 3). THE News Update -10 Major Technology Trends in Education. Retrieved February 03, 2016, from

The second piece of technology I will talk about is # 2 Internet Connectivity. Internet connectivity is imperative in today’s classroom because some of the resources needed are on the World Wide Web. Information is just a point and click away and makes learning and teaching relevant. Knowledge is up to date, and information is available a moments notice on the World Wide Web.

Internet connectivity is crucial to education today because so may people access the World Wide Web for school, relevant up to date information, training, communication and assignments.

Reference: Riedel, C., (February 3, 2014) 10 Major Technology Trends in Education.


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