EDU505 – Unit VIII Call to Action & Plan to Change

Unit 8.1 DB: Educational Conference Poster Session

Unit 8.2 DB: PLE Share

This week we are discussing ‘Call to Action’ & ‘Plan to Change’.

In regards to military education, a call to action is less than 1% of American citizens. This is 1% of American citizens across the entire United States who join one of the five branches of service. There are so many benefits to joining the military. How does defending your country sound in regards to determining if you attend higher learning and obtaining either an associate, bachelorette, graduate or doctorate degree?

Not many Americans would like to put their life on the line for a debt free education with skills and experience that civilian employers cannot provide.

In regards to a Plan to change, just like any organization, changes will always occur, especially as rules, regulations and policies are updated. I truly feel that we need to change how we evaluate because there are individuals who pick and choose who gets to pass an evaluation which puts others at risk. I look at this as weeding out the personnel who don’t fit or belong within a specific organization or want to play the game as some say.

This is my final FVE for week VIII.

DelVillar – Presentation EDU505 FVE Unit VIII



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