EDU510: Week VI Hidden Games and Social Context

This week discuss the hidden games. There are hidden games everywhere, from the grocery store, to the classroom, even the workplace. They are hidden in a variety of ways, such as “under the rug of simplicity, within the margins of ‘good enough’, inside the cloak of the tacit, and beyond the horizon of readiness” (Perkins, […]

EDU510 – Week VII Dynamic Learning Systems

This week, we discuss Dynamic Learning Systems. As we evolve over time, these dynamic learning systems are systems which contain a variety of different variables that can change the way the mind and body react, adapt and/or process information as they work together within certain scenarios.  One dynamic learning system may influence another and will evolve over a person’s […]

EDU510 – Week4: The Game & Emotions

This week tackle the significance behind and emotions and motivations Emotions play a significant part in learning, just as our tangible and intangible motivations justify our willingness to do something for something. Emotions significantly influence how we feel and what factors in our lives and upbringings have shaped our view. In Demetriou and Wilson’s article they […]