EDU510: Week VI Hidden Games and Social Context

Hidden Games.jpg

This week discuss the hidden games.

There are hidden games everywhere, from the grocery store, to the classroom, even the workplace. They are hidden in a variety of ways, such as “under the rug of simplicity, within the margins of ‘good enough’, inside the cloak of the tacit, and beyond the horizon of readiness” (Perkins, 2009, p. 156). This means that hidden games are in places the learner wouldn’t normally check, perhaps because the current information is easy to understand, or they aren’t being challenged, or it is beyond the learner’s current level of knowledge with the topic. This applies to the admissions department that I currently work in. Beyond learning the responsibilities of enrolling students in classes, there are “hidden games” to the job that once uncovered, can make you a better admissions counselor. Knowing intricate details about the university, such the specific accreditation associated with each of our programs, can make you a more knowledgeable and efficient counselor. Sure, you can just pick up the phone and simply help students through the enrollment process, but digging deeper and reaching out to our different departments to find out as much information as possible will make you better at your job. This is the “Hidden Game of Inquiry” that Perkins (2009) discusses. There are many other “hidden games” involved with learning the ins and out of being an admissions counselor, and while some I had already learned on my own over time, there are others that I hadn’t really been aware of until reading Perkins’ book.



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