EDU605: A combination of learning styles and theories: 4MAT, Gardeners Theory and Blooms Taxonomy

My Association of Bernice McCarthy’s 4MAT System Different types of learners The 4MAT system “…explains learning in terms of the ways people perceive and process information…While all learners engage in all types of learning, most seem to favor one particular type” (About Learning, n.d., p. 2 & 4). This connects to Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences because […]

EDU605: Week 4 – Utilizing Padlet as a DI Tool. Allow your students to self explore.

Linking Padlet to Digital Exit Slips  As technology evolves, teachers and students both are immersed with an array of tools to integrate into teaching and learning. Assessments, both summative and formative, are an essential part of the teaching and learning process. “Assessment routinely takes place as a unit begins to determine the particular needs of individuals in relation to the […]

EDU605 – Unit II: (Analyze and Evaluate) Designing Differentiated Math Games- Removing the One Size Fits All Approach to Educational Game Play

Analyzing and Evaluating Research Article The article I chose to analyze and evaluate for my education context of K-12 is Designing Differentiated Mathematics Games Discarding the One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Educational Game Play by Christine P. Trinter, Catherine M. Brighton, and Tonya R. Moon. The scope of this assignment requested that we utilize a peer reviewed article and […]

EDU604: Multicultural Education

Week II: Multicultural Education: Love It or Leave It? This week in EDU604, we discuss and define what Multi-cultural education means to us. I feel that Multicultural Education refers to the various forms of teaching, facilitation and instruction which embraces a variety of peoples values, histories, educational technologies, collaboration, studies and the personal views from others in […]

EDU605: Differentiated Instruction

Week II:The Culture of Differentiation This weeks proposed question was: What strategies can adult educators use to enhance the learning environment in support of differentiated instruction? What strategies do you already use? What’s one thing you’ve read about or seen in the activities thus far in this course that you plan to incorporate into your […]