EDU520: Week III


This is our 3rd week in EDU520. We are learning about different tools that we could utilize and incorporate as we use blogs and other social media networks.

I personally never knew that there were so many tools that people can use to enhance their blogging experience. I personally am still hesitant to use these social media networks.

The site below has more than 20 diffeernt tools a person can utilize for blogging purposes.

22 Top Blogging Tools Loved by the Pros


Three tools that I have found useful that I could utilize during a blog and during class are:

1. Podcasting

I feel that Podcasting would be helpful for my students since I am an instructor that deals with students who do not know how to formulate proper questions using basic interrogatives and the appropriate follow up questions to close out the information they have already collected. I feel that embrace a podcast tool would assist students during the blackboard phase which would coincide with the other two that I have selected below. I feel these three would collaborate the ideas of others so that others can learn from others mistakes and progress with the questioning portion (module) of our training.

“Podcasters often start shows with the intention of building online communities, and often solicit comments and feedback on their programs. People use web blogs, groups, and forums to communicate with other listeners and the show’s producers. Businesses are beginning to realize that podcasting is a cheap way to advertise to groups with very specific interests. Many large companies are starting to produce podcasts, both to communicate with their customers, and also with their own employees.” (Bertucci, B. (2014). What is Podcasting? Retrieved May 18, 2016, from


2. Instagram

Instagram is a unique atmosphere that boasts optimism. Instagram allows everyone to collaborate their ideas within an environment conducive to sharing and learning which is similar to a classroom environment. When I think of instagram, I think of a cooperative learning environment where everyone can learn from his or her experiences. I’m a kinesthetic learner and everything may not always be visible to me. Instagram allows us to view others ideas and make modifications (manipulate), crop photos to adjust our personal needs.

An Education on our Shared Humanity.

“This is my favorite part of Instagram. Getting a glimpse into the everyday lives of people who I’ll never meet, who live in completely different cultures than I do. What I’ve found is not so much how different we are, but how alike we all are. People all over the world celebrate weddings and birthdays, cherish their children and pets, appreciate a nice sunset or beach scene, like to drink (yes, they do) and are obsessed with food. I love looking at pictures from China and seeing the dichotomy between Old China and New China. And you can find something that fascinates you as well.” (Luxx, K. (2011, December 15). What is Instagram and Why Is It So Popular? – Information Space. Retrieved May 18, 2016, from


3. OmmWriter

I like Omniwriter because it provides an environment where my students can let their fingers flow just as if they had a pen and paper. They can elect a room where they can journalize their thoughts. I feel this comparable to how we operate our blackboard in our course. Once the students are done with their personal reflections they can elect to post their thoughts publically where their peers and instructors can provide feedback.

Putting Fingers to Keys

“OmmWriter Dana II achieves its distraction-free goal in part by operating exclusively in full-screen mode—either you’re in the app or out of the app. You can’t reduce its size to dabble in other things. That alone motivated me to focus on the writing task at hand, as I couldn’t peek at an email client or other possible attention-grabbing apps. Dana II has another neat trick: it automatically blacks out the second display in dual monitor setups. Very nice. This is a feature that FocusWriter lacks, which is unfortunate. The blackout really helps keep you focused on the task at hand.” (Wilson, J. L. (2013, July 26). OmmWriter Dana II. Retrieved May 18, 2016, from,2817,2422356,00.asp).

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