EDU604 – Diversity in the 21st Century

My journey through EDU 604 – Diversity in 21st Century Education

During the first week,  I was asked to create a mind map questioning “What is Culture”? A mind map is a diagram that allows a person to brainstorm ideas, concepts, and terms that are associated with a central theme. After researching and applying the knowledge of what a mind map was, I immediately started to work on the completion of this assignment highlighting elements of culture that I was familiar with. I used my own prior knowledge and came up with terms and concepts such as morals, beliefs, family, habits, work ethic, lineage, miltary service, and the gift of gab. From those terms and concepts, I constructed subgroupings to single out specific relationships that those concepts had with culture. Subgroupings such as morals, beliefs, family, habits, work ethic, lineage, miltary service, and many others dissected each category and made analyzing culture more specific. I was surprised at all of the characteristics that were associated with each concept. I soon saw why this was such an important exercise for educators.

Unit 1 mind map of “What is culture?”

I utilized Coggle to construct my mind map. mind map using Coggle.png

“Diversity is more than enrolling students of different races in a school. The school atmosphere should demonstrate celebration and acknowledgement of students from all races through arranging activities that encourages students to communicate and collaborate.” Mwangi, M. (n.d.). 5 benefits of diversity in a 21st century classroom. Retrieved August 31, 2016, from